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18 February 2014 @ 02:59 pm
Fic updates~  
Hello all!

Starting a new journal is hard work ne... I've been working on getting back with all of the communities I love, organizing my icon sets, moving fic over from my old journal to my new one and putting up stories that I haven't posted on LJ yet, but wrote a while back. It's a lot, but I'm not giving up! WASSHOI~

That being said, I did say that I would post updates here whenever I update my writing journal so everyone knows. Here's what I just put up!

Two shorter Harvest Moon fics, both Claire/Skye: here and here.

Two Free! fics, both NagiRei: here and here.

All four can also be found on FF.net.

Thanks for looking~ <3

~ Loreley
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